Your Health is in Your Hands

By now all the enthusiastic New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the way-side, collecting dust bunnies beside the gym bag in the back of the closet.

Don’t despair! Every new day is another chance: another chance to take a step in the right direction towards taking better care of your body.  Make a commitment to improving your health.  Try one thing each week towards improving your health.

Here are a few easy ways to make a change:

–          Is it time for a dental check up … maybe a cleaning?  Start flossing daily.  Sounds too elementary for you? Are you aware that medical research has found recurring links between periodontal disease and heart disease?  Gum disease may also affect insulin resistance.  So take advantage of the little white string to keep your mouth bacteria free and enjoy all the added benefits.

–          Consider your family … history that is. If you have a family history of heart disease, take steps to improve your odds against the trend.

  • Talk to your doctor about ways to improve your cardiovascular health
  • Have your cholesterol levels checked and take steps to improve them
  • Know what the warning signs are for heart attacks and strokes. You should know these even if you don’t have a family history of heart disease.

–          Does your asthma seem to get worse this time of year? Find new ways to manage your condition. Anxiety, obesity, lack of exercise and poor rest are all factors that aggravate asthma.  Type “asthma management” into your internet search tool and you’d be surprised at the plethora of information available.

–          Ladies, when last have you had a mammogram?  Early detection is a key factor in combating breast cancer.  The few minutes of discomfort are well worth it if you consider the advantages.

There are so many great websites offering health information. Spend some time online and learn new ways to make this your healthiest year ever.


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