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You desire to do well financially and have a strong financial foundation but how do you get there?

Our process will help you articulate what financial goals are important in your life and/or business. Central to achieving your goals, we take into consideration your values so that the plans and strategies are tailored to meet your needs today and into the future. In working with us, our clients gain the clarity and confidence to thrive and make good decisions for the wellbeing of their family and/or the success of their business.

Providing Clarity and Confidence in family and business wealth management.

Financial Planning

We provide you a plan that takes into consideration your values and long term goals so that you can focus on what’s important today for the future. The plan is adjusted according to your short term, mid-term and long-term goals and can change with the different seasons in your life. Changes can include new circumstances and opportunities that arise in your life journey, whether that is a newborn baby, new career or new business direction that can have an impact on your goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about completing a will as a document. The process involves thinking through the timing and the ways to best provide and care for loved ones, and strategies that preserve peace and harmony in your family. Our estate planning process guides you to create an effective plan that best distributes your personal and corporate assets in tax-efficient manners, while aligning to your values and wishes, and ensuring that your legacy is honored.

Personal and Corporate Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is about putting in the proper protection to ensure that your loved ones are cared for now and into the future. Proper protection means that in the event of illness, disability or premature death your family receives the means to pay off debt and continue to maintain a quality of life, and have funds to meet specific goals.

If you are an owner of a corporation, this extends to using insurance as a strategy to protect your key personnel, fund obligations in your company, and to enhance retirement and executive compensation plans.

Our access to multiple insurance carriers means that we can help you consider what types of plan and coverage in the market are the best fit for you, and we work with you closely to structure the ownership of policies so that you can mitigate risk and provide peace of mind for now and in future.

Personal and Corporate Investment Planning

Whether you are very knowledgeable about investments or if you feel overwhelmed with all the choices available, we work with you to understand and meet your investment goals.  Our clients want to ensure that what they have worked hard to build will grow and be managed well so that it is sufficient to meet their future cash flow needs.

Our investment planning philosophies take into consideration your existing asset allocation, financial goals, and investment time frame, so that you benefit from a custom plan that is tailored to your goals and not just standalone tactics.  Most importantly, we are proactive in monitoring your progress so that adjustments will address the changes in the market, your situation and your goals over time.

Retirement Planning

“How much is enough?” “Will I have enough?” “What do I need to do to have enough?”

These are some of the questions we help you answer through our retirement planning process. Beyond coming up with one “right” number to accumulate by retirement, we take into consideration the scenarios that impact your plan such as your family situation, your unique retirement needs, and market factors. We also work closely with your accounting and legal professional advisors to ensure that your retirement planning includes timely legal and tax planning strategies as you grow your assets over time.

Business Continuation Planning

Protecting the profitability and sustainability of your business is an important component of business planning. The absence of business continuation planning is among the leading causes of failure for small businesses in times of crises such as the death or disability of key persons/owners, loss of key persons due to inadequate executive compensation plans, or lack of shareholders’ agreements. We help you strategize and implement plans to protect and maintain viability and profitability of the business in case of crisis so that you can meet your financial obligations.

Legacy Planning

Thoughtful planning in legacy and charitable giving includes adopting the right giving strategies and tools so that your dollars do the maximum amount of good for the people and organizations you want to help – as well as reduce your tax. We help you navigate the many options available and make the charitable giving process much more effective. Families and business partners who practice giving together find purpose and meaning through their philanthropy causes, and have better relationships as a result.

Are innovators in the advanced use of insurance products in estate tax planning for their clients…
I am the partner of one of the top 21 accounting firms in British Columbia and we have been in business since 1991. I have known Kari for almost 2 decades and seen how she and her operations have evolved and grown both professionally and personally. It is my privilege to be associated with Kari and her team for all these years and my firm is indeed very proud to have her as one of our most valued clients.
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