10 Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

The first step to developing an effective financial plan is meeting with a qualified wealth advisor.  Below are 10 reasons that working with a wealth management professional will benefit you and your family.

1. Accountability

Meeting with a professional financial advisor regularly will allow you to get advice from someone with informed and intimate knowledge of financial planning.  It will help you to identify appropriate financial goals for you and your family, and keep you accountable as you work toward them.

2. It Will Save You Time

As your portfolio grows, the time it takes to manage it increases as well.  The right financial advisor will regularly review and monitor your portfolio for you, and will alert you to any changes that should be made.  In some cases, discretionary portfolio management is an option.  This allows you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

3. Expertise

The financial world is complex and it is easy to make ineffective investment and insurance choices due to a lack of experience.  A good advisor will have years of education and a proven history of client success.  They can help you make the best decisions possible, serving you with integrity and competence.

4. Peace of Mind

Using a wealth advisor can give your family peace of mind knowing that your complete financial picture is taken care of.  You can be assured that by working with your advisor, a plan will be created to suit your needs.  A financial advisor has the resources to help invest your assets, plan your estate, save for your child’s education, and navigate all other major financial challenges and opportunities.

5. They Ask the Hard Questions

No one likes to think of what would happen if they were to become disabled or die unexpectedly.  Your advisor will encourage you to do acknowledge these possibilities, as they are a crucial element of any sound financial plan.  They can recommend different strategies and products to alleviate the financial strain that comes with family tragedy.

6. Transition

Whether it be a new marriage or marital breakdown, a death in the family, or the sale of a business, your advisor can help you with the transfer of wealth that comes with life’s major transitions.

7. Access

A licensed financial advisor often has access to a wider array of financial products and investment choices than an independent investor.  Take advantage of their resources and enjoy turnkey service from a single solution provider or collaborative team.

8. Contacts

Advisors will often have a team of experts, specialists, and strategists that they can refer you to or consult on your behalf.  This may include accountants and bookkeepers, lawyers or other professionals.

9. Consolidation

Working with a financial advisor can allow you to consolidate all of your investments and insurance to one place.  This makes things simple for you and your family, freeing up your time for other things.

10. Objective Advice

Perhaps most importantly, an advisor can give you objective financial advice that will guide you away from making emotional investment decisions.  Managing your own finances can be risky.  An advisor can ensure that your financial plan is tailored to your specific goals and needs, helping you make informed decisions and offering a stress-free process.

Bottom Line

Meeting with a financial advisor can help you establish and commit to realistic financial goals.  Working with an advisor can help you make the right decisions and grow your portfolio to its full potential.

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This information is designed to educate and inform you of financial strategies and products currently available. As each individual’s circumstances differ, it is important to review the suitability of these concepts for your particular needs with a Qualified Financial Advisor.