Go Play Outside

I always hear lamentations about what a chore exercise is and how it’s so hard to drag yourself to the gym.  If you don’t love the burn from a hard spin class or that red-faced-sweaty feeling you get after a good run, there  are many other ways to still be active.

We have enough things in life that we have to do grudgingly; exercise should not be one of those things.  Besides, how long will you stick with it if you’re hating it.  Focus on doing enjoyable activities – the fact that it’s exercise is an added bonus.

Mini Golf: go ahead, grab the kids or your significant other and hit the local course for 16 to 18 holes.

Backyard Camping: not a big camper?  Don’t want to drive far for a camp site?… not a problem just give your back yard a try with the whole family.  If you don’t have a back yard then take the family to a local park and have a picnic.  Just remember… keep your parks clean and pick up after the fun has ended.

Grow your own vegetables this season: make it a family project.  Have the kids decide what they’d like to grow and get them involved in the planning and upkeep. If they’re involved in the process they’ll be far more inclined to stick with it and you all can celebrate together when you eat from your garden.  This helps promote healthy eating too!

Frisbee: Remember this toy?  If not that’s okay, anyone can learn.  The Frisbee is a great way to enjoy time with the family, plus you’ll get a bit of exercise in without it feeling like work.

Walk: It’s what our bodies are designed to do. Whether you prefer the seawall or a trail in the woods the important thing is to just move! Commit to getting out twice a week for 20 minutes and build from there.

Once you get into the habit of exercise and start to feel the results physically and mentally you can start to challenge yourself with your new found energy.

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