Business Succession Planning

Understand the Value of a Holding Company

Holding companies can be a great tool for successful small business owners. Holding companies, or Hold co.’s, provide business owners with an opportunity for additional asset protection and tax savings. Unlike Operating companies, or Op co,’s, holding companies are not used in active business and are not revenue producing. They are mostly used for tax purposes as dividends can usually be transferred between corporations’ tax free. This allows for operating companies and holding companies to work together for business owners.

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Understanding the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption

The Lifetime Capital Gain Exemption (LCGE) was introduced in Canada in 1986. The LCGE allows for individuals to shelter a certain amount of capital gains on disposed property if certain conditions are met.

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Estate Freezes 101

An estate freeze is a tax planning technique that allows a small business owner to freeze the growth of their interest in their company in …

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How to Keep the Family Business Thriving For Generations to Come

Most corporate dynasties fail to make it to a second generation, making these Canadian firms thriving under the leadership of the founder’s grandkids (and great-grandkids!) …

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